Quran lesson

Salam! 🙂

I hope everyone is in the best state of iman and health.

Today, I just feel like sharing with you on what I have learnt from Surah Al-Ikhlas and I hope we could reflect upon its meaning whenever we read it.  It is amazing how this short Surah actually means so dear to the companions of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). While hearing ustaz Nouman explaining this surah, I was curious as to how this Surah could be significant in our lives. Well, I bet almost everyone I knew could memorize this beautiful Surah. I have memorized this Surah by heart since religious school years ago. But within all those years of studying,  I have never tried to understand the tafseer since I am simply lazy.  What a loss.

One of my goal this year is to at least understand the meaning of Surah I recite in the Quran. I choose Surah Al-Ikhlas because it is short but never did I knew until last night that the tafseer of it is quite deep. I was blown away completely by this surah. This Surah talks about Allah as being Ahad (One). Ahad is an attribute especially  for Allah the Almighty, it means He is the only one and there is no one could be compare with Him. Allah’s knowledge is timeless, it has no beginning and ending as opposed to us human. Allah’s knowledge is limitless, He knows everything on the sky and earth, He knows the unseen, He knows everything that is hidden inside our chest. Allah’s knowledge is His own, He doesn’t received it whereas we human has been given knowledge by Allah. This attribute of Allah makes Him as Ahad. SubhanaAllah!

We are recommended to read this Surah on a daily basis as it will protect us from any  kind of affiliation other than Allah also known as shirik. This Surah is not only explaining about associating partners with Allah but also in terms of our own physiological behavior. When we lose sight of Allah, we begin not committing to our goals of pleasing Him, that is when we start to search for another goals in this dunya and one of this goal could be our obsession towards wealth. We can’t never be fulfilled of how much we have so we want to earn more and more. This tendency of wanting more would be an endless cycle if we solely strive for dunya. Sometimes I lose sight of this world. I keep on observing other people’s lives and wishing to have this and that without realizing that  Allah puts me on this earth for a test. May Allah makes us the people of Tauhid. Allahumma Ameen. 🙂






Salam everyone! 🙂

I just feel the need to let these thoughts out.. because I have been holding it for too long now that I almost lost my mind (Just kidding guys haha) I have realized that I always feel this void inside of me. It’s like I crave for something that I am not sure what is. Don’t get me wrong, of course I am grateful to Allah for constantly blessing me. I have parents who have provided me till this day, a beautiful house to live in, a food to indulge in and etc.

Whilst thinking hard, I began to realize that no matter what I have in my life, let it be all those material things. It just doesn’t give me constant happiness. In fact, it only serves as temporary one. My journey in this life is short and temporary, happiness here is obviously not eternal. One minute I could feel happy and the next minutes I might feel down. I have always believed that people who have the perfect life could be the happiest person on earth. It’s funny when I looked back and knew that this was a false thought. However, the idea of perfect life have gotten myself to the point where I need to own this and that for the sake of feeling happy.

As I was reading the tafseer of this one particular ayat from Surah Al-Hadid, I was in awe because I clearly need a reminder and this ayat definitely hits me right away. Allah reminds us that dunya is a mean of nothing but distractions. The moment you receive the things that you have been hopeful about, you would gradually lose interest of it as it’s a nature of us to want more and better things. The sad truth is we would forget the feelings we felt the first time we wanted something so bad. These worldly things are worthless in the hereafter, as Allah main concern are our hearts and intentions. Our real purpose in this life is to keep on striving for Jannatul Firdaus by doing more good deeds that pleases Him. I know as a muslimah it is a struggle to not get engrossed with the glamour and glitz of this Dunya, but I pray that may Allah strengthen our iman. 🙂





Boongmin couple


This post contains me fangirling over my two fave couples at the moment! ❤



Hello guys. It has been a while since my last post. I have been preocuppied with lots of stuff these days. One of it is the fact that I am currently head over heels in love with a Korean drama called ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’. I gotta admit it is one of the best drama since Boys Over Flower!!

It is kind of silly to say that I fall in love with characters easily but in the case of Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young, their chemistry is undeniable both on and off screen. Throughout their scenes together, I just can feel the love in the air. How could I not love these two?? T_T I really do ship them and hoping that the ship would sail! Ohh I just can’t get over how Min Min kept on staring longingly at Bong Bong *melts* He truly has deep feelings for her ok! You can see it from his eyes.  Not to mention, Phs even confessed in an interview that he fall in love with Park Bo Young for real as they were filming. Oh my my, my heart just can’t!!

There are many scenes that I consider my favorites but the top scene would be when  they walked along the river after finished visiting Min Hyuk’s mother grave. That was the time when he started to express indirectly his real feelings towards Boong Soon. He said that it’s easy for two friends to become lovers, “One person has to take a step closer to the other.” Then he takes a step closer.

With less than a foot between them, Min-hyuk nearly whispers, “This one step, makes the relationship change… like this.” He stares at her, his heart in his eyes, and Bong-soon looks back, realizing that something is changing.

Ok ok, HELP me! I really need to get over Min Hyuk’s sweetness and cuteness! T_T I honestly can’t move on from this show.




Social media pressure

It has been bothering me lately that Instagram has changed so much. I still remember the first time I signed up for it, I think it was somewhere in 2010. Back then, I used Instagram as a platform to share mainly all of my fave things but now it’s immensely different. These days, I have pretty much held myself back from posting anything. When I do post it’s not as much as I used to. The reason behind this is simply because I feel the constant pressure to upload the perfect curated pictures. I admit that I could spent days editing and crafting Insta worthy pic, which for your information ended up useless as I have this habit of uploading and then deleting it, due to unsatisfaction. Yep, that is how I roll on Instagram.

To me, Instagram nowadays has become more of a social comparison platform of who has the best quality photos, who gets more sponsored, who takes the best OOTD pic and basically who lives the glamorous life. I am not against all of these but it undoubtedly triggered my depression side and started my comparison mode on. Social media can be fun and interesting, but it can also be harmful to our mental health.

Recently, I have tried deleting my Instagram account for the countless times and unfortunately it only lasted for a week. This time though, I have came with the conclusion of changing my perceptions instead and focus more onto myself. I am done trying to please others and seeking their validation. I am fine of not having many followers. The only thing that matters is I get inspired by those people whom I follow on my account. They are the reason why I love the things that I do now. For that, I am truly grateful. 🙂

If you have made it this far, thank you so much for reading. ❤




Ramadhan goal

For Ramadhan this year, I have this particular goal of wanting to learn at least two depth meaning of surahs in the Quran from Bayyinah Tv.

One of the beautiful Surah that I have looked upon this month was Surah Ar-Rahman. In this Surah, I have learnt that Allah’s love and care for us is unimaginable. The closest example to this is our mother’s love has for us. Before a child was born, a mother has already developed natural feelings of so much love and protection towards their child. The child causes pain before and after the labour, however the love she has for her child is still constant. And her love for the child would grow even more after seeing them for the first time.  This kind of  relationship a child has with his/her mother is described as Ar- Rahman.

Allah is Ar-Rahman because of all the blessings we received from Him in terms of health, career, family, wealth and etc. If we were to count the blessings that He has given us, we wouldn’t be able to do so. Right from the start we were born until to this day forward, there are endless gifts that Allah has bestowed upon us and those gifts serve benefit to our lives. The internal organs that He loan for us has helped in so many ways that we couldn’t imagine. Therefore, we should always be grateful to Him because He is Ar-Rahman, the Lord of Mercy who keeps on giving us more rahmah.

What hits me so hard while listening to this Surah is when Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan mentioned about everyone is in need of Allah regardless of religion. Our organs and cells would ask permission from Him every single day, in order for us to continue our lives. It is only Allah who could make such vital decision, whether we shall live for another years or less than that.

I hope that everything I learnt from this Holy Book of Quran would constantly serve me as a reminder because I am not perfect, I am just a human being who is still in the journey of learning and understanding Quran. 🙂




Jake or Rainer?


Last three days ago, I have finished binge watching this latest tv show from Free Form titled ‘Famous in love’, which has started premiering last April. However, there are only ten episodes available for season one. How I wish they could make another 10  more eps. One word to describe the show would be ‘addicting’ but the major reason why I find myself liking the show is because of Raige, it is a combination names of Rainer plus Paige. I seriously can’t get enough of how sweet Rainer treated Paige. He obviously started to fall for her the first time he saw Paige auditioned for the role of August. Don’t don’t get me started on how the way he looked at her!! So many feels man. And the chemistry between them is undeniable, especially when they have shooting scenes together on the set of Locked movie.

What bothered me the most is that whether Paige felt the same way as Rainer, because in the show she has grown fonder of Jake (her best friend) since forever. There is a love triangle exists between Paige, Rainer and Jake. Both guys are into Paige but the question is who will she be interested in?  I personally don’t like Jake because of his selfishness. He clearly was not supporting Paige in her new life changing career and got jealous of her working close with Rainer. He was the one who told Paige to stay as friends and then stupidly decided to sleep with Alexa (Rainer’s close friend)

I ain’t going to spill out the finale episode for you hehe but I am really hoping that Paige would choose Rainer over Jake because she deserves so much better! I can’t hardly wait for season 2 already guys. Can it be air ASAP please?!

If you haven’t seen famous in love yet, you can stream it for free on fmovies.is.

Until my next post! Have a great weekend guys 🙂





First blog post

Salam and hello to my non-existent readers.

It has been in years ever since I started my blog. Well, frankly speaking, I actually have multiple blogs before this but I abandoned most of it for no apparent reason. Lets just say this is a new beginning for me to thrive in blogging world. I genuinely hope that I could stay inspired in writing and sharing more of my thoughts and stories here. 🙂

As an introduction to my blog, I would like to share with you 10 facts about myself.

  1. My name is Zafirah Zaffar. Only call me Zaf OR Firah.
  2. I am 22 years old currently anticipating my college graduation on August.
  3. I am pursuing HND in Business Management.
  4. A fashion enthusiast! Love love to dress up and scrolling through street style on Insta and Pinterest for inspiration.
  5. My guilty pleasures are Ice lemon tea and Mocha ice blended from Coffee bean. *sigh*
  6. I enjoy reading books particularly romance genre. One of my all time fave book would be ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ by John Green.
  7. Finally own my first MacBook Air laptop after decades of reblogging it on Tumblr lol! Going to protect this precious with all my life. 😉
  8. I love to contour my face and seeing the difference it makes.
  9. In a happy relationship state with my best friend slash boyfriend, Baqi. ❤
  10. A neat freak especially when it comes to my bedroom.

Ok guys, until next time then!